A Sneak Peek

Ready for a Sneak Peek?

It's been a busy month getting NoPo Paws ready for the world but I'm happy to report that construction phase is finally over!  Tomorrow, we get to start arranging our fixtures, merchandising product and getting some artwork up on the walls.  It is incredibly satisfying to see it all come together.  Here are some shots of the work in progress:

Step 1:  Sweep 10 years of dust off the ceilings.  
Step 2:  Out with the old lime green, in with the new

Step 3:  Build! Build! Build! (That's Master Carpenter Dad)

A Peek at some of the finished products!

Opening Day is a week from Friday!  And we've got something new to add to our Grand Opening festivities.  Local Portland Artist Jill Mayberg has graciously donated one of her prints for an auction to benefit World Vets.  Thanks, Jill!  

Don't forget to come visit us next weekend and join in on the fun.