Camping Season is almost here!

The recent arrival of Spring (finally!) here in Portland has me thinking 'bout all the fun summer activities we do with the dogs.  #1 on my list is our camping trips in the Mt Hood National Forest.   I can't wait for the first trip of the season.  C'mon warmer weather!

Aaahhh....Mt Hood!

Our camping trips often involve driving as far as we can up the mountain roads away from all signs of civilization to give our dogs (and ourselves) the serenity that comes from not camping in a campground.  They are free to explore the surrounds, find a stream to romp in and inevitably roll in something not so nice-smelling.  This year, my kiddos (the furry kind, of course) will be sporting some new camping gear. 

First on the list is The Beacon.  I like to know where my precious pups are at all times and, though they don't wander far, it can be difficult to spot them once the sun sets.  The Beacon is a safety light that clips securely to your dog's collar.  The energy-efficient LED bulbs create a halo around your pup so that you always know exactly where he/she is.  It's water-tight if you're adventuring near some H20 and the three-light mode allows you to distinguish between multiple dogs.   We love The Beacon because it provides the sense of security this worry-wart of a doggie mom needs while being made by Ruffwear, an Oregon company with a true commitment to the environment (they were voted one of Oregon's Top 100 Green Companies in 2010).  

The dogs will also be bringing their Mt Batchelor Pads to the campsite.  Having a dog bed/blanket at the campsite is a must for our pooches once they tire from romping around.  This uber-portable dog bed is designed for your outdoor adventures with a water and campsite debris resistant outer shell, thermal padding to protect against the cold ground and a soft recycled polyester fleece top for comfort.  No more shaking leaves from the blankets!  The best part of their Mt Batchelor Pads is that they are also great for travel and day trips.  We bring these along when we take the dogs for a swim at the Coast.  They've got a nice comfy bed to curl up on during the trip home and the car's upholstery is protected from our wet dogs!   We love the Mt Batchelor Pad because it protects the car, provides a comfy bed for our dogs when they're tuckered out from our outdoor adventures, compacts into a light-weight bedroll with a carrying handle and features recycled polyester fleece.  It's also made by Ruffwear.

The last item I will be packing up with their camping gear is Pal Dog's Healthy Pup System Set.  This first aid kit for dogs come with all the essentials that may be needed post-romp in the woods.  It's got Boo Boo Gel, which is formulated to sooth skin abrasions, cuts, stings, and bug bites; Ear Wash Gel, and essential First Aid supplies like gauze, wraps and cotton balls.   Pal Dog uses organic botanicals in its all natural formulas and was one of Whole Dog Journal's 2010 Top Gear of the Year picks.   

All of these products are available here at NoPo Paws and are highly recommended as part of any dog's camping essentials. 

The Beacon retails for $13.00.

The Mt Batchelor Pad comes in 2 sizes and colors, Pinecone Brown and Forest Green.  The Small  (29" X 38") retails for $60.00 while the Large (36" X 48") costs $75.00.

The Healthy Pup System Set retails for $18.00.

We here at NoPo Paws hope that you and your dogs have a fantastic summer, whatever your favorite warm weather activities may be!