1st Annual Pet Food Drive

Today marks the beginning of NoPo Paws' 1st Annual Pet Food Drive.  Through the end of November, we are accepting pet food donations for The Pongo Fund.

The Pongo Fund is Portland's very own pet food bank.  They provide free pet food for those in need - ensuring during this holiday season that no family has to sacrifice the quality of their pet's nutrition or worse, give their pet up due to finances.  Here at NoPo Paws, we believe The Pongo Fund is crucial in keeping pets and the families who love them together in this tough economy.  Every pet they are able to keep with its family is one less pet that may end up in the shelter system.

Stop on by to purchase a bag to donate to The Pongo Fund.  And because we want our Food Drive to be a win-win for everyone this giving season, we are offering 10% off on your entire pet food purchase, including food for your own pet, if you purchase a 12 lb bag or larger.  We also have a selection of clearance foods that are 15% off - if you donate one of these bags, you receive 10% off food for your own pet regardless of the size of the donated bag!

We will also accept cash donation as well as food donations not purchased here at NoPo Paws.  The Pongo Fund asks that any food donated is in its original unopened packaging, is not expired and is corn & wheat free.  

With your help this Holiday season, we can make a difference to pets in need!