Great Life Now In Stock

Our #1 Requested Food is now on NoPo Paws' shelves!

Great Life Performance Pet Products is an innovative pet food company focused on holistic nutrition.  You will find no marketing gimmicks or label tricks on their bags.  We love Great Life for their straight-forward approach to canine nutrition.

Great Life uses the very best ingredients they can find, including many organic options.  But they don't stop there!  Each piece of kibble is coated with Nutri-Coat, a freeze-dried raw food nutrient complex designed to provide the benefits of a raw diet in a convenient kibble form.  In addition, their kibble is baked at a much lower temperature than most foods on the market, retaining more nutritional value for your dog's overall health.

We will also be carrying their Limited Ingredient and Potato Free line.  As anyone who has searched your local pet store shelves for a grain-free, potato-free food knows, potato-free is hard to find.  Eliminating potatoes from your dog's diet can benefit pets with cancer or a history of cancer as well as provide a low glycemic diet.  This is a food we highly recommend for pets with diabetes.  A Limited Ingredient diet is preferred for pets with digestive issues or other health concerns where an easily digestible diet can help improve health.

If you are interested in Great Life, stop by the shop or check out their informative website.  We appreciate the wealth of health, product and manufacturing information available on Great Life's website.