Training Classes Begin April 1st

We are excited to be partnering with Click! Marks the Spot Training, Portland's newest positive reinforcement based training guru, and offering group training classes here at your neighborhood pet store!  Ever wonder how Hurley the Wonder Puppy learned all of his fabulous tricks?  Clicker training was a major part of our success with training.  Not only does it focus on establishing a positive relationship with your pet, it works and works well.  We have first-hand experience on how much more quickly all of our pooches learn with the clicker involved.

The group training classes offered here at NoPo Paws teach all the basic skills that a new puppy, rescued older pooch, or resident canine needing a brush up require.  Classes are designed to teach both dog & owner life skills rather than a specific set of commands, ensuring that you are equipped with the tools you will both need to develop & maintain a positive and rewarding relationship. 

Classes are limited in size (4 dogs only!), ensuring that you and your pooch will receive individualized instruction that speaks to your particular training needs, wants & desires.  With our flexible, modular design, you pay for 8 weeks of classes.  At minimum, you will need to attend 6 classes in order to graduate from the class but will have the opportunity to attend as many as 12 classes over 8 weeks.  The more motivated you and your dog are to learn, the better value you receive!  Classes are held Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

The cost for the 8 week fundamentals class is $190.  Clients who purchase their class prior to orientation will receive a $10 discount as well as an additional $10 for any dog who was adopted from a shelter or rescue.  For more details, call the store at 503-477-8381 or visit Click!'s website.