Our First Anniversary Celebration

There is much truth to the old adage "Time flies when you're having fun."  This Earth Day, April 20th, marks our first year in business and my how time has flown by!  It seems just yesterday that we were putting the finishing touches on the store and anxiously awaiting our Grand Opening.  This year has been a flagship one for NoPo Paws and we are excited to celebrate a successful first year with our customers and community.

Celebration is the name of the game; in fact, we are hosting an Anniversary Celebration Weekend jam-packed with great events.  We've got a raffle fundraiser going on now through the 22nd to benefit The Pixie Project, will be donating 10% of our sales on non-food items to Born Again Pit Bull Rescue Apr 20-22, will be hosting an adoption outreach event with BAPBR on the 21st, Click! Marks the Spot Training will be on hand on Sunday, April 22nd for a training demonstration and we even have a pet psychic/energy healer offering sessions on the 22nd.  Click below to read more about all the great events we've got going on!

 If you’ve been in the shop in the past few days, chances are you’ve noticed the “Table O’ Raffle Loot”.  We’ve gathered some gosh-darn amazing raffle prizes.  Raffle tickets are $2 each, will be sold through April 22nd, and all proceeds benefit The Pixie Project.  Because we realize large dog owners might not want cat treats or cat owners would prefer not to receive a big ol’ dog collar, we’ve split the prizes into categories according to pet type (cat, dog) and size (small dog, medium dog, large dog) so that YOU have the best chance of winning a prize you’d really enjoy.  Each category has a grand prize with a retail value of $65-$100 and there are dozens of smaller prizes to boot.  
During our Anniversary weekend of April 20-22nd, 10% of our sales on non-food items will be donated to Born Again Pit Bull Rescue.  BAPBR is a rescue group from Sherwood, OR and is comprised of foster families who open their homes to help dogs in need.  As an owner of a pit bull type dog and a former foster mom, this is a rescue that I am extremely proud to support.  Please consider shopping with us during our anniversary weekend and helping us give back to these wonderful dogs.  

In addition to donating a portion of our sales, we will also be hosting an in-store adoption event with BAPBR.  They will be bringing in some of their amazing dogs to meet potential adopters, including a handful of PUPPIES.  Please stop in and give the pups some love, even if you aren’t looking for a new addition to the family.  BAPBR will also have merchandise for sale - T-shirts, bumper stickers and the like - a great way to support their organization even if you aren't able to add a dog to your family at this time.

Have you considered taking our in-store training class or explored clicker training on your own?  Now is your chance to find out more about what we think is the best method of positive reinforcement training.  Lia Weber, principal trainer with Click! Marks the Spot, will be in the shop on Sunday, April 22nd to demonstrate how clicker training enables your dog to learn, creates opportunity for shaping behaviors, and why it’s such a fun training method.  You can get all of your clicker training questions answered and find out more about the classes we offer. 

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking?  Or maybe your pet has health or behavioral issues and would benefit from an energy healing session?  Dr. Berta Hines will be on hand April 22nd to offer healing sessions.  She will communicate with your pet, evaluate their emotional health and well-being, and discuss your pet’s needs with you.  Dr. Hines is offering 20-minute sessions at a highly discounted rate of $40, with 5% being donated to The Pixie Project.   Registration in advance is required; please contact the shop if you would like to sign up for a healing session.