Champion Pet Foods Supply Notification

Champion Pet Foods, maker of Orijen and Acana foods, will be experiencing product shortages through the remainder of 2012.  A fire took out some highly specialized equipment in one of their kitchens, reducing their production capacity significantly.  We are working with Champion and our local distributor to keep our shelves stocked with as much Orijen and Acana as we can but we feel it important to let our customers know of this situation as it will likely affect them through the balance of this year.

The following formulas/sizes, once we are out of stock, are not expected back until late 2012/early 2013:

All Acana/Orijen Dog formulas in the 15 lb bags, All Acana cat formulas, Orijen Senior, Orijen Puppy, Orijen Large Puppy.

The remainder of the Orijen and Acana formulas/sizes are expected to be intermittently out of stock.

So what does this mean for our customers who feed these foods?  If your preferred formula is out of stock on your next visit, we will have a selection of alternative foods available and highly encourage customers to explore rotational feeding this Fall (stop in to talk to me if you've got any questions on switching up your pet's food!).  We are bringing in Fromms Four-Star foods as an alternative to Acana, currently carry Wellness Core which is a food that rests smack dab in the middle of the protein content of Acana and Orijen and will be bringing in Go! Fit & Free as an alternative to Orijen in mid-October.  We are confident that these replacement foods are of similar quality and nutritional composition as the outstanding foods made by Champion.

We will have samples on hand of all of these foods for you to try with your pet on your next visit so that you can make sure the alternatives we offer will work for your pet, should your preferred Orijen or Acana formula be out of stock when you're next in need of a bag.

We appreciate everyone's patience during these stock shortages.  Champion Pet Foods is and continues to be one of the very best foods that we carry and we look forward to a timely repair of their production facility and a return of all of their products to our shelves.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at the shop or stop in to discuss your concerns.

Sarah Fuller