Aussie Naturals Product Review

Hurley, Shop Dog Extraordinaire here.  I wanted to let everybuddies know what just happened.  Mom got in the biggest box EVER of my very favorite toys in the whole wide world:  Aussie Naturals!

These are some seriouslys drool-worthy toys and let me tell ya why:

1.  These toys are made for my very favorite game:  TUG!  Mom told me that she likes them because most of them have a nifty handle somewhere on the toy for the peoples to hold on to.  Geez.  With opposable thumbs, I sure would think peoples wouldn't need a handle but I guess it's because you aren't as good as us at using your teethies.

2.  The rope sure is tough to pull apart.  Mom says that's because it's actually cotton and jute or wool braided into rope making it more durable.  I don't really know anything 'bout that but what I do know is that Sister Maggie can't rip them apart in mere seconds.  She's a monster that one!  I prefer to savor my toy destruction and the ring one was my very first toy as a puppy and it lasted almost until my #1 birthday.  I think that means I'm the bestest dog ever because I like to keep my toys around.

3.  These toys have got some serious shake. I love shaking my toys, especially in Sister Sadie's face.  It's pretty funny when it hits her right on the noggin'.  Just kidding.  I would never laugh at Sister Sadie.  (wink)

4.  Mom told me I have to tell you that most of the toys are totally  I don't know what that means but Mom says it helps make sure outdoor places stay nice and clean.  Does that mean I gets more camping and beach trips?  If so, then I am all about the bio-deee-gradables. 

5.  I'm not the only one who loves these toys.  Aussie Naturals' toys are tested by shelter dogs down in Georgia and they love them.  Mom says the peoples at Aussie Naturals give toys to shelter dogs because they have big hearts.  I have a big heart too and I like sharing toys!

If you haven't tried out these toys yet, you really should.  I can guarantee they will be loved, loved, loved!

The Mom here.  We carry a wide selection of Aussie Naturals toys, from rope to coconut fiber stuffed creatures to floppie, stuffing-free squeaker toys.  Toys range from $6.00 - $17.00 and come in a variety of sizes for dogs small and large.