Introducing our Pet First Aid Section!

With the warming temps and incredible amount of sunshine we have been getting, Portlanders are spending more time out and about with their dogs. While a injury to your pet can happen anywhere at anytime (for us, it happened in the middle of the night in our home when the Hurley Badger decided to tangle with a dresser), it is true that we keep our vets busy this time of the year as we get back into the swing of summer-time adventures.  Are you prepared for an unexpected injury?

With the recent addition of a first aid section here in the shop, NoPo Paws has everything you need to be prepared!

We now carry e-cones, an herbal healing salve, & an assortment of pet-friendly gauze & bandages.

Pro Cones are soft for your pet's comfort, easy to put on and take off and are adjustable to get just the right fit for your dog.  

Pro Cones retail at $19.00 - $32.50.

Mad About Organics is a great Oregon company, making quality, effective, natural solutions for pet first aid & flea protection.  Their Healing Salve is made from a blend of organic essentials oils designed to soothe & faciliate healing.  This product is great to use on cuts & abrasions, insect bites, hot spots & to heal surgery incisions.  Retail $17.00.


Are you a DIY Portlander?  It just takes one trip to the pet store & pharmacy to get everything you need for your own first aid kit. Every kit should contain the following basic supplies:

~ Alcohol Wipes & Hand Sanitizer
~ Latex Gloves
~ Small Scissors, preferably blunt-tipped
~ Pet Nail Clippers
~ Tweezers
~ Gauze rolls & pads of various sizes
~ Non-adhesive bandage rolls
~ Adhesive Medical Tape
~ Hydrogen Peroxide
~ Anti-septic spray/wash/cream:  Make sure to use a pet appropriate product like Vetericyn.
~ Saline Wound Wash
~ Qtips & Cotton Balls
~ Styptic Powder
~ Rubber syringe

The following items may be useful for general first aid and care and takes your first aid kit beyond the basics:

~ Medical booties or paw wraps
~ E-cone
~ Bug Spray & Natural Flea Repellant
~ Herbal healing cream
~ Low Dose Aspirin
~ Ear Cleanser
~ Small Penlight or Flash light
~ Tongue depressors
~ Benadryl
~ Rectal Thermometer & Vaseline
~ Paw Rub, Bag Balm or other paw treatment

We will also have pre-filled pet first aid kits available here in the shop May 15th!