Featured Product: Honest Kitchen

Honest Kitchen is a dehydrated diet that you prepare at home - Just add water and wait 5 minutes!   

Throughout June, enjoy a 10% discount off 
all Honest Kitchen diets.

Honest Kitchen is one of the foods in heavy rotation at Casa de NoPo Paws for many reasons:

~Honest Kitchen leads the pack when it comes to their passion, educational focus & commitment to quality.  Just check out their website's informational section!

~All ingredients are Human-Grade, Honest Kitchen is made in a "people food" facility and actual human beings taste test every batch.  This is seriously high quality pet food!

~Healthy & Convenient Alternative for On-The-Go Raw Feeders or those who prepare their pet's food at home. 

~Great for Picky Eaters

~Healthier Option to Canned Food & Works Great as a Food Topper

If you've been interested in a raw diet, adding fresh food to your dog's diet or rotation feeding, Honest Kitchen is a great food to start with!