Featured Product: DooKashi

This month, our featured product is DooKashi, a natural odor eliminator designed for use in litter boxes and with dog poo disposal.  This Made in Washington product eliminates odor and reduces pathogens, which can make your waste disposal practices just a little less stinky.

We've had this product on the shelves for just about a month and already it's getting rave reviews from our customers.  By eliminating both urine and solid waste odors and aiding in the decomposition of solid waste, this product makes litter boxes invisible to the nose.  It also works great with dog waste compost systems or in pet waste bags.  With 215 lbs of dog in the NoPo Paws' household, we find this new product essential in controlling waste odors, especially on these hot summer days.  Just add a 1/2 cup to litter or to your pet waste system (be it composter or just a regular trash can) and your nose will thank you! 

Here's some info straight from DooKashi's website that tells you what this new product is and how it works:

What's DooKashi™
A pet waste culture mix made with EM•1® , a certified organic ingredient. We ferment this safe nature made organic solution with crushed grains, producing a type of compost that has the texture of uncooked oatmeal and an earthy scent. Once sprinkled on pet waste, DooKashi’s beneficial microbes will go to work to consume the waste - all the time out-competing pathogens and disease-producing microbes. The unpleasant, strong aroma is eliminated.

We love DooKashi not only because it's highly effective in controlling odors but also because it reduces pathogens, is a natural product and is made close to home. 

For the month of July, all DooKashi products are 15% off here at NoPo Paws.