About Us

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" ~ Anatole France

On Earth Day 2011, NoPo Paws opened its doors and my dream became a reality.  The journey to this point has been an evolution - as a dog owner, lover & professional.  As I progressed through adult-hood, the part of my life devoted to dogs continued to expand and fulfill me while my "career" lacked one major component - passion.  And so I made the decision to walk away, start anew and utilize the experiences I had gained in operating small businesses to realize a new life & career - one with dogs at its core.

But I wasn't stopping there.  NoPo Paws exists not only because of my experiences with my own dogs but also due to my time spent volunteering with animal rescue organizations and fostering dogs.  Those experiences are what switched that light bulb in my head and brought me to realize that not only did I have the ability to do this for a living but that I also had a responsibility to do so.  We all must bring what we are best at it to the table when we work to save animals' lives. 

I also feel that our responsibility to care for animals translates to a responsibility to care for our Earth.  I chose to open an eco-friendly pet store in order to promote sustainable choices when it comes to our pet's needs.  By making informed choices concerning our pets' carbon pawprints, we can insure that we leave a healthy planet for future generations, both furry & human.

My mission is to impact the lives of pets in a positive way.  My goal is to start by providing yours with the best in eco-friendly pet gear and all-natural, premium foods.  Together we not only can, but will, make a difference!

Sarah Fuller